Popcaan – Unruly Prayer Lyrics

Look how much youth deh a jail house
Mi never haffi deh a road

Look how much youth deh a grave yard
Mi never haffi deh yah don’t

Suh mi haffi give thanks yeah
Dray Island haffi give thanks yeah

Dinero haffi give thanks yeah
Tell the devil keep him distance yeah

(Verse 1)
All theglory, all to God
I will never be ungreatful
God you make mi blessing a real life
Mi nuh fear demons or enemies
AM protected by the most high

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Life a the greatest thing
Money a the next best thing
Nuh bother live yo life reckless king
Bun the GP thing, and the bright light thing
Some seh the devil works interesting
Meck sure a nuh evil yo invest in
Some tek up badness a try impress Kim
And get gunshot in a dem intestine, sad!

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. Ike luwi from Ghana

    Mi love dis song very very much man respeck