Raekwon – 1,2, 1,2 ft. Snoop Dogg Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Raekwon)
If I ain’t rocking emeralds and Bentleys
I’m cooling in Poughkeepsie Me, shorty, new block, 40, and some bent weed
Riding the boots, take care of me, sincerely
I’m Israeli, machettes is cris
Snuggled up, mink on, call it a cover up
Just like two murders in the hood, I’mma double up
The rap surgeon fix the game up, crack merchant
Everything I sell is well, my s**t is that worthy
Gats that come up out the ceiling with the beam on it
Chinese Queen, Parasuco jeans on her
Rock long jeans, known for throwing blings on her
I stay king, by any means on it ni**a

Come on, let’s go ni**a
Word up, close the door to the Aston ni**a
Yo, get out the, take that sh** out the ash tray man

(Verse 2 – Snoop Dogg)
Do you remember a real gang member?
Chopping til he timber, December to December
Never stopping, too busy popping off lead in the
Clowning ass all around him, they crown him the Dogg Father
Glock hot, crock pot on the block with a chef
Out of bounds on the grounds with a hole in your chest
Invest in back in feedback, gorilla the west
Take a whiff of me, spliff, till it fill up my chest
Convertible with the Cadillac, macking the mack
With some Roscoe’s Chicken in my lap, imagine that
I’m grooving down sunset boulevard
No harm, no foul, no body guard

Yo, stop right there man
You don’t know what you’re doing man
Chill, chill, let them handle that man for real

(Verse 3 – Raekwon)
Chill yo, the movie is scary
Take off the sheep skin shotty
Ni**a make a move, and don’t dare me
I’m blessed with these million dollar hands, I’m like poker
Ni**a’s screw they motherf**king face, so what?
Guns are collected, flips perfected
Boats flying in, every brake’s inspected
The clique’s connected, everybody wrist and neck lit
Two shots of Cisco, let’s slip
Post like Scarface and Sosa with my memosa
All that
See my villains most of them roasting
Freshmen chickens get close in em
Make one move, she buying me the Ghost in it

Pass the dutchie
You know what it do man
We in Wonderland huh

(Verse 4 – Snoop Dogg)
Stealth but get loud like a space shuttle
Catch a case, motherf**kers got a place for you
And it’s 100 brothers like you that’s cold with the (?)
Slang and things and buck 50 with the jinzu
Draw that line, flip that dime, spit that nine
Homie this Crip on mine
Thought you knew
We cold crushing bum rush the chef, it’s my nephew
The king of the west too, ni**a’s to test you
Let your next move be your next move
Ja bless you
1,2 1,2 what you gone do when we come through?
1,2 1,2