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Vybz Kartel VIKING Album Artwork & Tracklisting

Vybz Kartel is gearing up to drop his new album VIKING (Vybz Is King) sooner than later.

The incacerated deejay’s camp has released the artwork and the tracklisting for the highly anticipated album. VIKING is produced by TJ Records and is expected to hit iTunes in March.

Since starting his prison stint in April last year, Vybz Kartel has been releasing a steady stream of new singles. This year will be no different according to the deejay’s reps.

“This year will be a big year for Vybz Kartel music, prison can’t stop Worl’Boss,” his rep told us.

See Vybz Kartel – VIKING (Vybz Is King) Tracklisting:

01. Intro Skit
02. Dancehall
03. Gon’ Get Better Skit
04. Gon’ Get Better
05. Enchanting
06. Time
07. Volcano
08. Facebook Like
09. Unstoppable
10. Rep
11. Outro Skit


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