Jayds – What’s Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Yesterday mi meet a gyal weh pretty and flawless
And fly like the dove
Mi touch her, mi hug her
Shi kiss mi and seh shi in love with the tug

Today mi meet a gyal weh pretty
And look like shi come from above
Every gyal me love
No care who fi be the judge

What’s love, what’s love
Mi have a wife and other gyal a gimmi back rub
F–k a new gyal in a the back a di club
While a next gyal deh home in a mi hot bath tub

So tell mi, what’s love, what’s love
Is it a drugs? Mi no want none a that stuff
Plus it no matter if yuh cuss
Cause yo hot sexy gyal is another man lust

(Verse 2)
Nough gyal look mi anyweh me tour
Mi buck a hot gyal today, tomorrow mi see more
Mi nah go give mi heart to no waist gyal
Then when shi left mi seh mi salt like the sea sure
If you feel love then yo better be sure
But if mi a fall inlove mi a tek a detour
3 flock, 3 tall, clear bottle a ciroc
Wid 3 gyal mi love now it a go be 4

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
And when shi a cheat she nah go confess
F–k yo now and lata is another man next
Shi tell yo seh shi love yo and cyaa do without yo
And when yo search yo find icky pon the gyal breast
Shi seh please don’t tek it out a context
A mosquito bite mi so no bother get vex
Shi seh yo do this before
Yo too insecure
But deep down yo know seh di gyal yah want more

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)