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Tommy Lee Sparta – Outlaw [New Music]

Tommy Lee Sparta serves up a hard hitting new single “Outlaw,” produced by Dinearo_UIM Records.

Fans are already touting the gritty track as a diss towards Alkaline and Gage.

Check out some of the lyrics excerpt:

Dem a tell mi fi rise everything like the dead a Dovecot
A Flanka mi grow pu–y better pree that
And anybody feel mi a f–kign idiot
One in a yo head meck yo marrow pree that
True mi a duel in a the tomb under the radar
Apocalypse know weh fi drop in this f–k
Sparta nuh fi get weh dem a come from
Cause wi, wi rise up a bag a eagle

FULL: Tommy Lee Sparta – Outlaw Lyrics

Listen full track below.


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