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ZJ Wah Wa Lottery Scam Trial Set For September 15

A trial date for ZJ Wah Wa lottery scam case in the United States has been set for September 15.

Wah Wa, whose real name Deon-ville O’Hara, appeared in a North Dakota court on Thursday to answer to the charges. He pleaded not guilty to charges of wire and mail fraud, as well as, money laundering conspiracy.

O’Hara pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Zip Jock was extradited from Florida to North Dakota on May 27. He was picked up by U.S. Marshals on May 4 during a visit to Florida from Jamaica.

Law enforcement sources told Urban Islandz that O’Hara helped run a massive lottery scam enterprise based in Jamaica and Florida. He was one of 26 people arrested last month between Florida and Jamaica.

ZJ Wah Wa is facing up to 20 years in a Federal prison if found guilty.


  1. He deserves what’s coming to him. That’s down right evil. Karma is a B–ch…hope he gets a long time in max fed prison, then right back a yard.

    • He doesn’t have a clue about the law in the US for some one who was on the air in JA didn’t expect that from him .

      • For real, he will find out for sure…

      • GLITHO, I saw your comment to me before UI took it off. Don’t ever comment to me again. The name u r using sound to me like a reptile that’s what u r and I hate reptiles. I have my opinion and I will say what I feel. Maybe u r scamming too and if so I wish the same for u. And worse for I wish life in prison when you r caught. B—H.

  2. If u get a plea deal take it do your time and go back home . Learn your lesson from been a thief / scammer .

  3. Most yardies are idiots when it comes to lucrative crimes, he is done.

  4. If this dumb ass thinks he is going to play with the United States government he makes a sad mistake . If he is involved or what the Feds saying is true he needs to do time . Stealing from old folks is sickening . He has a good atty to get a trial so quickly . I don’t feel sorry for him .