Vybz Kartel – Born & Raised Lyrics

Society forsake we
Dem no feel the pain wi feel
The system no really care
If wi live or wi die
Laugh or we cry
If a sad mi start try

(Verse 1)
Like the phone mi, mi life a flash
The way time fly so fast mi no wear no watch
Mi youth waan go school mi no have no cash
Mi insane like the mad man weh search the trash
Hey, mi black empress a sell punash
The way gogo club ram no collage match
Police dem pon the ghetto youth like bandage patch
A four month dem remanding fi the bag wid stash
Why mi haffi strap up every night so hard
Mi wonder if death pretty caw life suh hard
Eternity a hell a must my reward
Caw mi a hustle fi mi vehicle and must buy mi yard

Mi have the member one criminal record
A true Jamaica even pore a that’s why life tek hard
Every youth fi get a visa fi gwaan a yard
Cause wi deh yah suh a suffer like a maga dog

I was born and raise in the ghetto
Teacher was born and raise in the garrison
Nuff youths dead, more a suffer
Ghetto youths deserve better

(Verse 2)
Mi decide seh mi nah turn cruff
So mi link Leng a big yard and buy some stuff
In a bills a 50 bag mi wrapped dem up
The first day mi touch the road feds lock mi up
But wa, mi nah meck no bwoy…..mi up
Mi prefer hustle and rob fi that
Mi buss
Mi nah bow fi drive no car mi prefer hop the buss
Cause a suh ghetto youth full a pride
Mi pore but sell out life is not fi us
Down a maggin crescent, dawgy strop mi first
Cause food haffi ever in a pot fi us
And a the road mi a touch out…fi rust
Me love the youth dem suh mi teaching dem
But no, not like the pastor wid the preaching dem
Mi tell dem seh don’t rob nothing petty
Rob supn fi yo rich
Like Matterlon unleashing dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)