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Dancehall Fans Blast Aidonia For Wearing Skirt

Kanye West and A$AP Rocky pulled it off and now Aidonia is bringing the same swag into dancehall.

The JOP deejay is on the receiving end of some bashing from dancehall fans for wearing a skirt.

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Donia was performing at Famous nightclub last weekend when he stepped on stage rocking a skirt like outfit. Someone snapped a couple photos and those pics have now gone viral.

Several fans of the deejay including some prominent names in Jamaica have weighed in on the issue and none seems to like it.

But Aidonia is unconcerned about the critics.

“Rise wid the sun ,rise wid me bible,rise wid Jah..giving tnx fi see a next day..positive over negative energy,” Aidonia wrote on Twitter.


  1. You people’s negative comments are truly ignorant and backward thinking. Men have always worn skirts throughout history. In fact men wore skirts before they ever thought of wearing pants. Read people!!!!

  2. Ok if dem ah claim seh ah apron well that practice is used in free masonry. And as far as wraps long ass dresses and skirts are concerned that is a str8 up and down african tradition. I must say tho truth be told you can tell the difference when a man wears such long wraps as a cultural expression. But on d real some fashion statements are way over the top n ah nuh every ting weh ah fashion should be followed cos certain fashions are fickle n superficial just like some of the ppl that readily embrace them

  3. Follow jamaicans, Lol, Here in Fla so many DL BATTY MON, I wouldn’t follow you ppl to water if I need to DRINK!!!!! Would never vist that country, Never eat there food, Here in FLA they RUDE & NASTY PPL……….

  4. Jamaicans need to stop follow Americans like dogs….

  5. o_akinwumi@yahoo.com

    Not surprised….I’ve never seen any well dressed dance hall artist on stage…Except Beenie man and Sean Paul….Its not just the skirty attire…everything looks awful.

  6. Nuh Gurley ting

  7. The problem here is we have adopted the learned behavior of accepting pants as the only Male attire fitting for western culture. If it is psychologically so then let it be a sin on those who do it. Throughout history some powerful men have sought to replace the female gender by adopting their tendencies while at the same time oppressing them. Roman priests, Greek Sparta, English noble class. It is because women were never seen as equal but in these times it is time to leave things that belong to females alone.

  8. If a piece of fabric has the ability to change your sexuality then you’re not comfortable in your sexuality you’re basically saying with the right outfit you have the ability to turn gay or straight clothes doesn’t dictate my sexuality never has never will but to show you jamaicans how incredibly dumb and close minded you are you guys talk about Africa you talk about African culture how Egyptians were black right were these Egyptian wearing pants? No they were wearing what you consider to be a skirt same thing with other non Egyptian Africans they wore and still wear what you’d consider to be a skirts and dresses so are they gay? Its a piece of fabric

  9. Gender bending fag please dont include the bible into your transsexual activities


  11. thats y a ALLIANCE FI LIFE me seh

  12. a just swagg mi see nuff people ina jamaica wid it

  13. Be your self and stop follow what people wear . Copy cat .

  14. It’s a part of modern day fashion…. If he is gay then every Scottish person is gay because that’s where the took the kilt idea from..and another thing Jamaicans please stop trying to full the world ,because u guys have the highest rate of homosexuality in the caribbean

    • Gloria Thompson

      Thought it was Barbados…

      • Barbados is known ,but take into consideration the ratio of ppl in both islands ,and the statistics collected… Not down pressing any one but Jamaicans love crossing the streets blindly

      • Gloria Thompson

        Thank u, I didn’t know. I am Jamaican but not one of the Haters, thou I am a straight. Love men all my life.

      • No problem hun.. Ppl just need to observe before they report

  15. Kilt ah wear from how long…everybody ah fish fi ghetto jamaicans uno stop put down uno people and the way donia sing bout gal i don`t think he is a fish.

  16. The effeminization project in full effect…. Conquer Dancehall and the rest is a breeze ..Kartel practicing Anal sex… Aidonia in skirts ….you know what’s next right? Forgive them Father they know not what they do

    • You’re not being fair to Kartel. He only started with the anal sex thing once he got to prison.

      • Wtf!!! What are talking about?????? Those pics are long time before some of his tattoos were done, him love the gal Dwl asshole looooooong yrs ago born freak…Dwl!!!!

  17. you just gave masicka more ammunition

  18. Wah di fcK a gwan???

  19. goathead bountykilla

    change yuh name to sonia now yute..a longtime mi a tell ppl is a shim dat,,,baty ting him a pree..a guess anyting a str8 yute do wah gay is ok huh…dumbfuk….

  20. I cannot stand when yawdie artist follow di yankee dem. little do they know if it wasn’t for dancehall and reggae, hip hop and rap would not exist . the american should be following the Jamaican not the other way around. get it together

    • Follow jamaicans? I’m sure them yankees don’t want to do that nobody does your country is garbage

      • Lol oh really? where do you think hip-hop came from? guess where? dancehall music which originates in JAMAICA. Guess where reggaeton came from? dancehall and reggae. If it was garbage so many people from Japan and Europe wouldn’t leave their countries to go to Jamaica for our culture. If it was garbage we would not have the fastest man in the world. If our country was garbage you wouldn’t be on dancehallhiphop.com which reports news from Jamaica. You wouldn’t be fascinated with Aidonia or you wouldn’t be reading this article. With all that being said goodbye because you are garbage

      • Gloria Thompson

        If that’s what you think of our country. Why are you on this site. HATER

      • People are quick to call someone a hate for the truth your country is garbage and it’s failing fast what is there to hate on? Your poverty? Get real me being on this site has nothing to do with the truth about the current state of Jamaica

      • Gloria Thompson

        Is Jamaica the only one with problems? I guess where u r from is paradise, thank God for that. JA is not the only country with problems. You said Jamaica is garbage, that’s why I said u r a Hater. Also u need to visit Jamaica and see how dam good a lot of Jamaicans live. So many people from first world call Jamaica home check that out.

      • Wow me calling Jamaica garbage makes me a hater? Nice also I never said Jamaica is the only country with problems now did I? I just don’t understand why Jamaicans feel as if people should copy them what the hell does Jamaica offer besides music in which the quality is going down dramatically? Also many people from first world countries call other countries in the Caribbean in which their native currency is worth a lot home that means what? They claim a certain area of those countries as being home the rich areas with little to no crime the average jamaican doesn’t exist in their world until you try to invade it then they take notice to your existence you see that same thing in lots of countries upper middle class to upper class move to a certain part of a country usually the best place with the best view land and beaches and do everything to keep the average native out of that area

      • Gloria Thompson

        I don’t believe most Jamaicans think other people should copy them or do copy them. And I know for sure there are a lot of Jamaican natives that live very good lives in Jamaica. We do have educated professionals and business owners and much more. There are a lot of natives that wouldn’t leave Jamaica to live in another country. Just saying, crime and ghetto is all over the world. Jamaica is not the worst Caribbean island. And it sure ain’t garbage.

      • What you are talking is garbage – where you live?

  21. Dis cyah gwaan

  22. Dancehall artist already fail when it comes to fashion and its a leather “kilt”.. This is what happens when you run after hype.

    • Dancehall artists ah trendsettas, doh know weh yah talk bout. Dem no haffi follow american or european trend. Wi fi bill wi owna trend as Caribbean people. Masicka ah go have a field day wit Donia…

  23. it sad that reggae let the satan that had the african black in slave , destroying jamaican. most human for get slavary and discrination that the black african face in the west.this reggae that help the blacks. hip that came to america from jamaica is destroy, so they trying to destroy reggae. reggae that all the blacks message for human being.

  24. Jah know star….

    • Twinney kirkland Edwards

      Jees fashion trun gay now, this is the thing Jamaicans who don’t know trends, uno gwaan like uno can tell the man Wah fi wear, Dirty Jamaicans who never go nowhere to see fashion, oh btw then that means a apron that I work in I s a woman thing? Uno gweeh man

      • Mr. Edwards, that is the most sensible thing I’ve read in this comment section so far.

      • Di most sensible ting is this… F**k Figgyfagfag… Dun…

      • Wi doh need fi go nowhere fi create trend. Why follow trends weh set somewhere else? Da trend deh gone too far, why yuh haffi wear a skirt fah? Ah funny man business dat, Donia duss look a hype. A apron worn so yuh nuh fi get dutty inna kitchen, it have a purpose. Wah purpose a skirt have? Easy access fi get grab up…

  25. Gay. come on now Aidonia is a fish move dat. not in dancehall.

  26. batty mon bredda

    • How much schooling did u have in your day

      • What does that have to do with the thread?

      • Realize it’s fashion ,whether it be a kilt or an apron it’s fashion ,no need for the batty Mon name calling because face to face with aidonia alot of ppl would hail him instead of the internet bad man @glito ,Tenchu I’m asking about the schooling because the accuser doesn’t have any clue what a kilt is or what race of ppl were kilts.

      • “what race of ppl were kilts.”Well it certainly isn’t Jamaican and you think guys in Scotland walk about wearing kilts? Fam trust me , Kanye west saw this on a fashion runway in Paris and then started rocking it – its a skirt plain and simple. Man are adopting gay culture for fashion – that’s cool with me (do you fam) but understand wha gwarn.

      • I’m not from Scotland mi bredda , I’m just saying ppl too quick to point at others and judge,we as a black culture never lead we follow and many of us forget that and judge others..we were once the god heads now we follow every other culture,but all in all wearing a kilt ain’t gay.. It’s just stupid that modern day society more about look than pride and dignity

      • Oh ok I think I misunderstood you.

      • kanye doesn’t have an eye for fashion. he’s literally a dumbass