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Producer Elvis Redwood Says Tommy Lee Crying Audio Spiced

The other party involved in the infamous Tommy Lee crying audio producer Elvis Redwood, aka So Unique, is speaking out.

According to Redwood, the embarrassing audio must have been a spiced because he has no memory of that conversation with Tommy Lee.

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“Me and Tommy Lee haave no such conversation,” Redwood said. “I don’t remember having no conversation of that nature with Tommy Lee at anytime at all. Anytime me and Tommy Lee have conversation it’s always at the studio.”

Tommy Lee has also denied that he recorded the conversation.


  1. I feel sorry for tammy Lee. It’s a shame that. I have no doubt that this incident take place

  2. Rosemarie Johnson

    Kartel control their lives and he’s so scared that they’ll find him dead by the morning ….Tommy Lee recorded the conversation, put it out there for the public to hear then denies it…. becuz he don’t want kartel to know he’s the 1 who did it ….get over it Tommy Lee …u won’t be dead no more. The man is lock up until he’s 73 YRS old … 1 is riding with him no more… money is not paying out ,, no one is interested in going to prison to get 35 YRS like their boss ….so Tommy u need to stop LIE.. ..Every one know u country Voice ……or in other words ur MONTEGONIAN VOICE …..SPEAK THE TRUTH LIKE EVERY 1 ELSE……DEVA BRATT talk …..that when him leave GAZA …KARTEL send him boy dem fi beat him, From him left Gaza everybody change towards him…. Same Procedure with Rhino … BLACK RHINO talk how kartel send him same set a man and dem fire bomb his mother house…..Kartel Then send his goons to the guy house who use to make beats for him to take away his computer and all his equipment them… that he works with he never got them back …These were not strange men…These people are his entourage….People who the guy know that hang with kartel everday….(kartel diciples) they no this guy very well….When they reach to the house they tell him that the BOSS Send dem to collect them…. look what he did with LISA HYPE … Put her blast for the Whole world can see her with his dick in her mouth….. then kick her out Gaza……and dats not all…don’t get me wrong, I like his songs very much but his time has come…….he was doing too much…

  3. Khani Spanglah Jones

    Well I produce riddims and have been around engineers, further I’m a video editor and if this audio is spiced, I would like to meet such genius.

  4. stupid ppl its not spiced its actually tommy lee…..the recording is real i know for a fact

  5. Kmrct…..ah Tommy Lee dat ahn ah so unique dat.

  6. Maxpayn u went to piper

  7. Blah blah blah, uni neva do nutten yet….pussies u are now and forever will be!!!!!!

  8. Gage do the man wicked lmao, Nammy Lee damage control is superb.