Person Who Leaked Jay Z, Solange Fight Video Fired

A hotel worker is the first casualty in the infamous Jay Z and Solange elevator fight video.

The 3-minute video was released by TMZ earlier this week and has since been dominating social media. The footage show Solange violently attacking Jay Z immediately after stepping into an elevator at the Standard Hotel at the Met Gala after party.

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Beyoncé stood and watch as her sister assaulted Jay Z while their body guard intervene.

According to Huffington Post, Standard Hotel has fired the person who leaked the video to TMZ, and has referred the case to authorities where charges could be filed.

The person behind the video reportedly video the footage using a smartphone and earned upwards of $250,000 from TMZ for it.

Beyoncé and Jay Z have remained silent about the video.


  1. 250k??? Well they got money to live coz they ain’t got no job now…let’s see how long the money lasts for…

    • 250k OR work 10+ years at a dead end hotel job to earn the same amount. He can be debt free as well as put it towards good use. Not everyone out here is looking to buy rims and diamonds.

      • What it does show is that there is no loyalty dead end job or not, they chose to work there and like a lot of people it seems nowadays saw a way to make a fast buck and they hit pay dirt! Not saying they are looking to buy rims and diamonds…like I said, 250k may seem a lot right now but let’s see how long the money lasts… Was it worth it? I don’t think it was tbh no matter who it was.

      • I’m sure he is having trouble coping with his life after making 250k lol. To answer your question hell no there is no loyalty in a dead end job, Most people work paycheck to paycheck, would jump at this to sort their life out.

      • Lol after tax and legal fees how much is going to be left? The hotel is not taking it lightly so they are pursuing legal recourse. They will be taxed I guarantee that. That money will not last a year. And that money in no way is enough to live on. Who will hire them now? People should think.

      • That figure was eta, I’m sure it’s around there and it could be easily kept off books. Regardless of that, running through that much money in a year, I doubt.. He will collect unemployment and search for a new one. That person name isn’t even public knowledge.

      • How you imagine they going to do that? The hotel already released their info to law enforcement. There is no way they can “keep it off the books” and he will not get any unemployment. Well not from his employers. I can’t speak on state benefits but I am certain that what ever he may get won’t go far as he has that money. In the current economy employment is hard to find and he will likely need a reference. He wont get one. This person has one chance and that is they are in a position to go it alone. That money will not last a year otherwise. It is obvious he thought like you because if he had any sense he would have not done it.

      • Trust me with that much money, I would be more than happy to take on a new career. You have no idea how his life set either.

      • Not assuming i do. Like I said his only hope is that his life is together. He is facing legal fees taxes and an uncertain career prospect if he isn’t. And even if it is hr stands to lose a lot more than he gained so still not worth it. If he was in some alley and got that footage i would have said do you…but he jeopardized his job for nothing. In NY where cost of living so high and he now lost all benefits he made a bad call.