Nicki Minaj Ft. Soulja Boy – “Yasss Bish” Lyrics

Nicki Minaj latest single “Yasss Bish” featuring Soulja Boy, off her new album The Pink Print.

Full lyrics for Yasss Bish:

[Hook 1: Soulja Boy]
Yasss, Bish,Yasss (x12)

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Me, I’m just me, me, I’m just real
Me, I’m that b*tch that be footing the bill
Only a real ni**a could cop a feel
Credit Card blacker than that ni**a Seal
24 million I brokered a deal
Jewish my lawyer he Kosher than Dill
And I am still poppin’ them pills
I don’t give a f how you b*tches feel
Jealousy, jealousy that’s how you feel?
I am still living in Beverly Hills
Tell ‘em to chill, tell ‘em to chill
Tell all them people my wrists is on chill
b*tches can’t beat me they ain’t got the skill
Eye of the tiger they ain’t got the kill
Look up to Jada I love her and Will
b*tches my sons but they not in my will
The f be wrong with these b*tches?
The f be wrong with these ni**as?

[Hook 2: Soulja Boy & Nicki Minaj]
Yasss, Bish,Yasss (x12)
Tell ‘em give a bad b*tch a proper due
What they say ain’t never what they gon’ do
It say 250 on that fing sticker
Pink Print hot it should be in some slippers

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
I don’t f with you ni**as, I own the Clippers
I own some homes, I own my own liquor
b*tches is bitter, my titties is bigger
You b*tches my sons I need a babysitter
I am the dream, on the dream team
I am Olajuwon I am Hakeem
Abdul Jabbar, I am Kareem
I am the Queen because I’m a machine
You not ready, you not seasoned
Go against me I say “Fix it Jesus”
Thinking they hot, talk sh*t a lot
But when they sh*t drop I say “Fix it Jesus”
Oh, your sh*t ain’t gold!
Word to my bank roll
Real ni**as ain’t sold
Dropping my single in two weeks
The Pink Print album a movie
b*tches be thinkin’ they hot
But these b*tches be using that term so loosely

[Hook 2: Soulja Boy & Nicki Minaj]