Chris Martin – Oh Tonight Lyrics

Tonight when I hold you girl
Am gonna finish what I started
So tonight you better hold on girl
Am gonna make that body sweat
Keep it dripping wet

(Verse 1)
First thing meck mi loosing these strings
Girl mi no inna no rush thing
Passion in your eyes
Mistro on yo oh my

And baby I will guarantee
Smooth an sexy no agony
When wi go home mi a go lick off mi phone
Caw no body at all no fi bother wi
Tonight meck wi disturb wi neighbor
Hard work but mi no mine the labor
Yo know dem always a chat
So tomorrow meck dem chat bout wi real bad behavior
You a go get it, girl you a go get it
Oh mi dweet right so yo don’t want mi left it
So you a go get it, girl you a go get it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo don’t want mi fi go out at all
Yo waan fi lock mi down inside
You want my body on your body
As our chemistry for life
And I know just what u need girl
So I won’t let you down
I will keep you coming everyday
You will never wear from

(Repeat Chorus 2X)