Tommy Lee Sparta – Chop Chop Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi full a gun just like arena
Mi gun just laugh like hyena
Me gone when I return
Shoot up the news man weh a meck the media
Sparta, yow! Weapon dem wi burn down in yah
The fire meck like the encyclopedia
Gunshot open up yo head like yo gyal pum, pum
Run in a yo house and meck hi go so boom
Rise up the kalacash, kalacash, coom
A wa do dem bowy deh yo mussi waan dead
2 pop buss one in a him head
badder than Taliban, madder than any man
Sicker than the bomber dem from over Afghanistan
Dem seh mi a demon, call down legion
Somebody a go dead

Straight to the meat shop chop, chop, chop
Meck the blade go chop, chop, chop
Bwoy feel the wrath a the steel when the blade start cut
And scream when the body pass track

Any bowy dis my link haffi drop
Watch yo back, back, back, back, back
Rusty wheel up the mack 11 in a yo head top
Meck yo brain just a drop, drop, drop

(Verse 2)
Meck mi show unuh how fi treating
Meck mi fell like watch the feefing
Chop him up, chop him up fine
Down a River Ton mi meck the alligator dem eat him
From a war mi seeking
Any bwoy violate grim deh eat him
Budu dop dem liek drum wi beating
Dead body open today

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)