Blak Diamon – In These Streets Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Look like dem left mi fi starve
Left mi fi suffer
Maga like thread but wi music getting better
Still mi naw give up the faith mi haffi hold strong
Pray to God fi some better days

Mi chargy dem from pen seh hold it and don’t lose it
And anything mi want a road, dem will go an get it
If a fi kick inna bwoy face, and rob an take it
But when mi check it out that a go wreck it

Oh God mi have my kids fi live fa
Weh mi a do, weh mi a try, weh mi a pree evil fa
And mi no waan hi turn round pon dem
So mi haffi hold mi head high an live mi life then

Cause in these streets
You might not live till tomorrow
Cause in these streets
You might not live till tomorrow
So be careful what you going to give
In these streets, in these streets

Cause in these streets
You might no live till you are old
So be the best you can today

(Verse 2)
Some friends too twitchy, twitchy, Chatty, chatty
Dem wi disappoint you, but no matter bout it
Cause if you give up who a go feel it
Yo kids and family, yo better hold it an don’t lose it
This one is coming straight from mi heart
Bun dirty love mi no waan that inna mi thoughts
Wi only have one life fi live
One life fi live so be positive

(Repeat Chorus)

Yo think mi meck yo scare me
Even when mi down and on the ground
Jah, Jah, always there for me
Dem no scare me
Even when dem try fi push mi down
Mi still a keep mi firm and hold mi ground
A so mi a live mi life, mi no waan fi inna dirty crowd
Then when dem try fi lock the door yeh
Mi still a work it out
A straight up wi a rise it, a go hard fi keep wi down
Cause wi a real old worrier

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)