Agent Sasco – Celebrate Lyrics

You might have a new bed in the nursery
Or you having anniversary
Rather barbeque, or cook, out or shower
Wi a drink liquor like wi thirsty
Rather sweet 16 or yuh a 30
Christmas a thanksgiving cut the turkey
Yeh wi a thank the father fi the grace and the mercy
Yuh meck wi enemies them cannot hurt wi

So wi a celebrate, celebrate
Wi a celebrate, yeh wi a celebrate

Yeh wi a celebrate, celebrate
Wi a celebrate
Hey put on wi nozzles and a celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate

Yeh in a brick jam wi a celebrate
Celebrate, wi a celebrate
Yeh wi a celebrate

(Verse 1)
Yeh wi a hold a vibe and wi a celebrate
Good, good, step up in a life and wi a elevate
Yow a positivity fi meditate
Right now wi don’t give a……is like wi celebrate
Rather yuh Usain Bolt or yuh Shelly Green
Yow Assassin and Good, Good, a dedicate
Da one yah to the champions weh living like a heavy weight
Rather is a birthday or a wedding cake

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright mi daughter have a graduation
And though a pree school shi graduate from
Yow a ten sound string up in a skate land
Then after party mad supn in a brick Jam
Alright yuh fi know seh everyday a your day
No it doesn’t really have to be yo birthday
And no it no haffi be yo wedding anniversary
Yow wi just up in a the club all pon a Thursday

(Repeat Chorus)