Deablo – 40 Strong Lyrics

(Verse 1)
40 strong
When mi march no laugh wid man
Rifle dem just tall in hand a sting them like a scorpion
Them looking fi a drive by so mi park the van
Buck him pon the endz a dance to Ding Dong party song
In a face the 40 slam
Crack yo skull patrician
Head buss like every one a Boy Marley song
K wid the ratid pan a sing like a audition
No waste the darker tangle send the pu**y to the mortician

Then if you bad pu**y hole just chat tough
Meck mi buss yo fing head caw mi anxious
In a face shot a juck yo like a cactus
In a face wi meck the fing glock buss
Likkle bwoy since yo bad when yo si mi act tough

No pu**y cyaa si mi and mi friend them and touch
In a face shot a juck yo like a cactus
In a face wi meck the fing glock buss

(Verse 2)
Some pu**y seh them head bad
Dem head mad gone dead bad
Find them in the street face down like a dead hog
Anytime mi meck chad bwoy neck pop, no less stop
Marrow leak out pon the road like a eggnog
Rifle a wave in the air like a french flag
Shot a jump out the nazzle like a long leg frog
Family yo friends everybody pon yo endz sad
Picture pon the wall seh yo happily remember

(Repeat Chorus)

When Jayds drive by
Big matic shrub through window
The berry chigger get massage wid mi finger tip
HK bammer big can sink a ship
Meck them find man rotten and stink a sh–
Dry lock but mi still clap it
Caw mi no sympathetic
No fling thump pu**y hole mi no ninja kick
MI clip ever full a two more in pocket
So just meck a chat meck the berita clap