Jahmiel – Tell Yuh Business Lyrics

Dem alone know weh the cash deh
Dem alone know weh mi stash weh
Dmm alone know weh fi chat seh
Look out before you get slap weh
Hear mi no Miller 9
Mi notice the thing dem still a find
Keep one eye open, When a bed, when a pillow time

Mine who yuh tell yo business
No meck dem be no witness
Dem will put yuh pon a hit list
And spread yo name like sickness
A time and time again
Time and time again
Mi tell yuh bout the selling out a type a friend

(Verse 1)
Spanish Town, if a no dem then a who dweet
Call mi name to the red and the blue seems
Meck dem patrol the few schemes
M16 loaded magazine, dem a fi him
Is a life dem a look fi take
Most high guide mi foot mi steps
Caw mi know dem off auta
But mi cyaa dead left my family

So mi haffi careful a the friends mi keep
From mi a work a try get the ends fi meet
Caw mi si plenty mouth and plenty teeth
Well waan my bread fi eat
If a trees you a sell dem waan the feds fi seet
Fi come seize my entities
Never left the thing weh fi protect the endz mi sleep
One clap mi si empty street

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some Bwoy weh yo give yo last
A dem sit down and a plan how fi kill you off
Me never burn bridge when mi go cross
And a nuff youth Milla him fi go pass
But some bwoy love watch the boss thing
Always asking whats the causes
Fi the chain, fi the watch, fi the glasses
When a you take care a the masses
Mi no trust dem

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)