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Snoop Lion Angered The Zulu Royal Family In Africa

Snoop Lion just can’t seems to get a break.

The West Coast rap legend, turn reggae star, has managed to angered the Zulu Royal family during a performance in Durban last weekend.

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Snoop Lion performed at MTV Africa All Stars KZN show at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Saturday.

He wore a traditional leopard-skin print (isikhumba sengwe).

According to the Daily Sun, the royal suits should only be worn by King Goodwill Zwelithini or by someone who has been honoured by the royal house.

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MTV spokeswoman Alison Reid has since apologize for the incident.

“MTV Base apologises if anyone was offended by Snoop wearing traditional Zulu garb on Saturday night,” Reid said. “The outfit in question was a gift from a member of the Zulu royal family and a number of members of the royal family joined Snoop on stage. We believe that his homage to Zulu culture was received positively by all concerned, including the royal family.”


  1. Wearing ANY animal skin – unless for survival – is barbaric.

  2. Michael Tod Baxter

    real rastas do not deal with the eating or sporting of flesh for fashion reasons at all. I still have yet to hear the top money man profess anything but liking bob marley and smoking ganja. the french manicure nails didn’t help. nor did the dread perm. lol. he still has yet to profess Sela$$ie. all he is dealing with is vanity.

  3. its the skin of an dead animal wtf….