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Sekkle Dung Wendy Says Konshens & Raine Seville Bootleg Her Style

More controversy for Konshens and Raine Seville new hit single “Sekkle Dung.”

Are underground dancehall artists getting run over by more established acts?

That’s the question numerous dancehall fans are asking as accusations by upcoming dancehall acts continues to build.

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Aspiring female dancehall artist Sekkle Dung Wendy is accusing the two deejays of copying her style.

“My artiste (stage) name has been Sekkle Dung Wendy since 2008 when I just started music, so it’s based on my name that I came up with the concept that says ‘Sekkle Dung Something,'” Sekkle Dung Wendy told the Star. “I even have another song called Sekkle Wine.”

Raine Seville Sekkle Dung

“If it wasn’t my concept people wouldn’t be messaging me asking me what I’m going to do about it. I just want the people to know that a my title and a my style,” she added.

Konshens camp has denied her claims saying the accusations are ridiculous.

Konshens and Rain Seville created waves in dancehall last month when they released some racy photos as part of a promotion for the single.

Konshens and Raine


  1. its not about chatting and lipping sekkle a my cousin and from she start do music a sekkle dung she has been using song like:sekkle pum pum, summer fling etc.

  2. Deno Adwogo Dennis

    chatty chatty lippy lippy.