Bounty Killer – Want War Lyrics

Dem waan war and come a lip and a trace
A few K mi take up wid couple clip a mi waist
If a guy think him bad put a foot pon the base
This clop inna face, head drop inna space

My war a no fi no grip or no lace
Like gyal weh a back wid ratchet and miss
If a guy think him bad put foot pon the bass
This clop inna face, head drop inna space

(Verse 1)
Put on the full block and gi dem the dark winter
Bwoy haffi canta out yah like sprinter
Gun shot a stick up inna dem like a splinter
Fisher man alone can hook like land sinker
Who the fu*k dem be, dem likkle stinker
Wi crush dem inn yah like roach and chink yah
Write mi name inna dem love like ink yah
Dem cyaa go round mi link yah
Inferred paw yo forehead it no blink like no blinker
Mi si paw mi finger so tell a pass sprinter
Dem life pon the line, it gone inna printer
Mi kill vampire and blood drinker
When mi done dem a gully creep
Bad man no linger
Buss mi go rock mi chigger round mi finger
Bwoy head a explode just like silender
A bad a hear seh like belinga

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bout yo cold no, member mi told you
Don’t meck mi hold yo
A road solo
Gun shot a fold yo
Rock and roll yo
Now bullet a cat scan and de mole yo
Who go convince him
Now the K rinse him
Flesh rinsid and skin clinching
Bwoy blood start run like ginseng
Born as a killer but for dem it’s just a in thing

(Repeat Chorus)