Konshens ft. Mario C – Bun Satan Lyrics


Know how long mi fi seh this
Some a seh this, some a seh that
Everybody mouth a meck a bag a chat
Some a seh clean
Some a seh heart
Some a seh bun him
But no body nah seh


Satan go s*ck yo momma wid a straw
Come out a wi life an meck wi get fi prosper
Go fi di Christian call di Rasta
Meck wi come together an go bun Lucifer
Mi seh satan go truck in a yo momma hole
Let go people head mi seh fi let go people soul
Pu**y you posses di youths dem fi raise up di dead toal
Life wi a seh wi waan fi live an get old

{Verse 1}

Come meck wi search out di bwoy and find him anyweh
Which path him deh
Put him out a yo yard an tell him seh pu**y hole dont come back in deh
bad him up cause him a gwaan like him badder than every bad man out a road
But no man don’t badder than God
And a God a mi shield an sword
Man a rape an a rob an a kill
And yo know seh a Satan response fi that
Innocent people a get murder
Watch deh all pickiny a get kidnap
Him tell pow seh fi kill show meck Labor Right gi Socialist gun shot
But a righteousness wi a pree this year
All f—ry wi done wid that

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Mi nah tell no lie mi feel hurt
Innocent a go under di dirt
Some man a look pon man an nah look pon blows an skirt
13 year old pickiny a flirt
Nuff big man a real pervert
Some man a feed pon things wa no cook
And things wa no grow in a di earth
Mi seh

{Repeat Chorus}


I fear no man
Because di power of the most high greater than a man
I know Satan strong
But jah jah neva neva leave my side pon di battlefield