Macka Diamond Says Lady Saw Spiritual Awakening Is Laughable

Lady Saw recently announced that she will be throwing in her dancehall towel in favour of a life closer to god.

Speaking with Robbo Ranx of 1Xtra radio last month, Saw says the hypocrisy and back stabbing in the genre helped push her to make the decision to become a Christian and go into gospel music.

Lady Saw And Macka Diamond Beefing, Take Shots At Each Other

But her former friend now turn foe Macka Diamond is questioning the authenticity of Lady Saw’s decision.

This is what Macka Diamond recent said:

“I believe that it is a good decision for her to make that personal commitment to God, but why advertise it? Instead of talking about church, she should just do it, go missing off the scene, and go deeper in her spirituality. There is no need to advertise your Christianity like is some form of promotion. That’s just what I believe.”

“Usually, when people say dem tun Christian, yuh declare yourself, you call people you are in conflict with, and say ‘let’s stop this,’ but mi no get no call, that means say ‘have up’ still a gwaan. As a good Christian, she woulda repent her sins, call me and forgive me,” she said. “Her church thing caan frighten me, mi ah talk mi mind. If you are a Christian, dancehall is just not the place for you, but she is doing the same things she did before.”

Lady Saw and Macka Diamond have been beefing over songs related to their age.

Do you think female dancehall artists need to be more united in a male dominated genre?

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