Konshens – Hot Patty Lyrics


Let mi go no man
Unu let mi go

Hot patty hot patty who bounce it out
Hear seh a gyal get tump in are mouth
But a cyan you beat up yo chest gyal a cyan you

Alright hot patty hot patty who that a war
Wifey take matey slippers box are
But a cyan you meck mi si yo hand gyal a cyan you


Alright beat u up a gyal cyan beat you up
Box you up a gyal cyan box you up
Punch you up a gyal cyan punch you up
Gyal a chat up are mouth but shi chat too much
Push you down a gyal cyan push you down
Cow you down a gyal cyan cow you down
If shi pop off a gun you might a run
But da war yah naw done

{Verse 1}

From you likkle bit an a grow come
Gyal wa badder than you you no know none
Anything a anything you no back down
Simple supn fi a gyal get throw down
Well if a gyal waan fight yo tell are mi case
Meck you an yo friend dem kick off di face
An none ted line you no haffi chase
Mash are up an go court an buss off di case
Mummy tell dem


{Verse 2}

You no care a how much a dem
Dozen a dem
50 a dem a could a 100 a dem
You no fraid a dem no matter dem
You an yo friend wi done di whole lot a dem
Mommy or daddy never box you yet
So any gyal box you shi mark fi death
Descent gyal a no buto spar
If you naw box hand no war
Yo mussi mad

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}

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  1. mi fi ga dfrme.

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