I-Octane – Can’t Get Over Lyrics


DJ This girl wa mi buck wa love mi di real way
Oh baby pretty lady pretty baby
Oh girl

{Verse 1}

Let me take this time to tell yuh how much yuh mean to me
No one has ever make me feel the way yuh do
When yuh hold me in your arms
Hoo I love the warms
An I don’t wanna let yuh go


Girl mi cyan get over the other night
Girl mi never feel so right
Cyan get over a no lie
Girl a weh yo come from

Cyan get over the other night
Girl a never feel so right
Mi love yo need yo want yo

{Verse 2}

I never usto express feelings
Am not a man of many words
But yuh do something to mi
First mi a feel this confidence
Mi tell yo seh wi deep in a conversation
Never yet sign di ration
I am so inlove with yuh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Baby even tho yo soft to mi touch
Yo smile at mi an hard fi do much
Yo presence
Yo fragrance
In a mi life yo made dem angel
Mi waan yuh fi be fi mi wife
No worries fi di rest of your life
There is a feature for me and yuh

{Chorus 2X}


  1. hahaha I luc dis much.