Vybz Kartel – Money Isn’t All Lyrics

Lyrics for dancehall star Vybz Kartel song “Money Isn’t All.”


Money isn’t all worst when life is gone
Little girls an little boys
Sing this song with joy
Money isn’t all right
But getting it is alright
The tredder tredder
She love my car
So she wanna do it all night
I let let her

{Verse 1}

Easy doe’s it girl u love it
Don’t go out with people outfit
Nariel kiss Gucci pelvis
Living di star life must bi Elvis
Pay di landlord fi buy di building
German vehicle space ship engine
Blood blood diamonds Jewish jewelry
Me an a white girl puffing a tubby
I’m not done yet neither day jet
Now is di right time Rolex bracelet
Buy up some horses how many race left
Go every Watsons so mi a place bets
Send fi kyra come a di states yes
Higher than high school look pon dem grades deh
Get some computer build up a place yeh
Teach di Gaza youths bill up dem brains yeh

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

{Verse 2}

What is di motive getting a house bid
Money being counting high as a mountain
Life is a journey roler coasting
Yes to the sadness wish yo not hoping
Today’s better navidaloking
Champagne toasting
High grade smoking
Loving di best girls getting di most kids
School an playgrounds
Toys an do skis

{Repeat Chorus 2X}


  1. Big up Vybz! ths was a step forward wish u did more of dem nyce songs.

  2. this is muic not what he was singing before he gutta keep the fire burning like this for the youth em to lisen init.