Twin Of Twins – Lie Song Lyrics

Lyrics for Twin Of Twins song “Lie Song.”


Dem seh di truth is an offence
But not a sin exactly
But it coming like a supn totally different when we talk it
So meck mi try a different approach


Everything in a da song yah a lie
Caw when wi si di truth a it dem waan wi deny
So mi a go turn a liar now don’t ask mi why
Yo know mi fraid fi sing it tho yo know mi kinda shy
Everything in a da song yah a no true
Caw some people don’t like my point of view
Some seh di twins dem don’t have no concept
But watch how di twins a go step in a di ants nest

{Verse 1}

Di politician really care fi di people
And di police dem never take weh taxi man vehicle
Look in a di hay stock an try find di needle
Don’t Beenie a good youth an Bounty a evil
Hold on Matterhorn di lyricist no trace like girl
An no man naw bleach out dem face like girl
Love hoe di people dem respect dem bible
An di black berry thing no meck di gyal dem idle
Di internet no meck di people do sadomi
An di gyal dem naw eat no mahogany
Every rasta in a music a rasta entirely
An Movado in a jail an Kartel deh a Miami

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

DI congregation naw suffer while pastor role deep
Mi love how di gas naw raise every week
So mi don’t feel like mi gas tank a leek
An people cyan relax because di light bill cheap
Dem sell out di music an that no reprehensible
Twin of twins a fool an LA Lewis sensible
Some artist no move like dem fans dispensable
No lie mi a tell so why get defensible
Mi love how Jamaican know what recession is
Aneverything nice dem no know what depression is
No know what di party an di everynight session is
Yo don’t like deh song yah den my suggestion is

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}