Stacious – Double Funeral Lyrics


Now hear this
Yeh man a waan know a wa happen to some likkle girl bwoy
Wa a walk up an down bout yah
Well meck mi tell unu supn when unu a look war
Unu defend war wid man
Caw mi selector a kill un upon blows an skirt competition
An unu waan come fight woman
Well heat this you big pu**y Twin of Twins
A mi di bad man ninja man a talk
If yo dis Stacious a go lick out yo bloodclooth teeth
Specialize in killing not talking
Cat no lose like peanut cart passing
Talk yo talk Stacious
Chat yo chat

Congratulation unu make history
Only batty man twins in di industry
Unu waan war wid a chick
Caw yuh don’t like pu**y but yuh love take di–
Tell mi supn unu swallow muta an purkiss
Cyan find yo own voice some signature work it
A caw mi dig yo do an it a keep yuh a lie
So unu cyan stop shear di one car wa unu drive

Unu a trace an think it cleaver an witty
Since yo tongue long come lick out mi kitty
Bend mi back way an no stop from swipe
Unu shouldn’t dis caw mi a go shell out yo tripe

Unu no bad your just a talker
Matter a fact you’re a fu**ing stalker
Cause all unu do a watch people career
Put it pon mix CD

Walk roun untill one sone a go meck unu business fix
Never know this gyal was rough like this
Straight talk yow mi bad no bloodclooth
Unu cyan do mi nothing when mi deh road a walk
Way o no bum bo pu**y but a with Stacious
A di one word yo know that wa rime wid Stacious
Well meck mi tell yuh more that’s no squacious
Yo speech is trembling so ostentatious
Mi did a go seh so so so s*k yo mother
To how mi upset but mi just naw bother
It no make sense cause is a man push yuh out
Caw yo should a never make that come out a yuh mouth
Fu*k off out order an bright
Paul try off a mi but he’s not my type
Please i don’t date bisexual man
So fu*k off fagot an no call mi name again

MI blood a boil mi head so hot
Mi cyan run out a steam
Welcome to yo nightmare
Mi know yuh wouldn’t shocked it
Its not a fu**ing dream

MI throw mi corn an unu swallow like pill
Waan jump pon mi case time unu waan fill
Mi a waste of time government unu fi drill
Caw di bwoy fid eh a prison an him deh a road still
Mi willing fi help unu labby bout that
But take yo stinking mouth from under mi frock

Oh sh*t a almost fagot
That you guys only s**k each other c**k
Listen clash song don’t have long Gevity
Am just showing skill an mental ability
If yuh girl think there’s gonna be beef
Just dash weh mi bloodclooth dras wa unu thief
Meck mi tell unu supn now
Yuh bi–hes of bi–hes AKA Twin of Twins
Bloodclooth Paula an Patricia
Go s**k unu one another
An chuck ina a bloodclooth black hog
Wa ever a walk a nago head
Yuh Patrick po paul foot dem
An shub him head way up in a di hob batty an yuh follow soon after
Wa di bloodclooth do unu