Mavado – I Swear Lyrics

Lyrics for dancehall star Mavado song “I swear.”


Dem no like yuh
But man a meck money like dandiveto a could a wah do dem mistro
What happen to dem
True man a move from ashy to classy an that’s a must
Youth meck a bag a money from yo get di buss
Cause am fully blown rims fully chrome
Heading back home to di girls dem zone


Well I swear haffi meck di money caw mi life style dear
HAffi meck di money this year fi new year
Haffi meck di money caw di gully waan care
Well I swear

Well I swear haffi meck di money caw school fee dear
When yo naw meck no money yuh wi full a gray hair
Mi no run Creech mi run money day care
Money come here

{Verse 1}

So when yo si mi in a di party party
Yuh know seh everything fine fine
When yuh si mi in a di party party
An every gyal in deh a wine wine
Mi naw stop till mi money nuff
Nuff nuff wi cyan even count it
Mi naw stop till mi money nuff
An tell a ni–er don’t worry bout it

Check check how yo check
Money ford in a wallet millions left fi meck
If a no money meck mi step mi no walk down mi crep
Diamonds tie mi watch real ice round mi neck
A so did oops thing fi set everything copasetic
An man a shark throat to riches so mi cyan buss a sweat
Bay big song mi meck everything sing connect
Haffi live mi life now no know no life after death
So di money haffi meck

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Money haffi meck wi waan all faces
X amount a cash a stash up all places
Haffi own a bank haffi own a maces
Haffi meck di door wa sweet like di pastries
Don’t do bees wanna be where di honey at
Work hard am di bee weh di money at
Listen me be a G no do no funny act
Mine yo run up in a money trap

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 2}


  1. f**kin true…haffi mke b4 uyy fulla gray hair>>$£$$£$$$ MONII