Konshens – Mad Mi Lyrics


Only left side can bring out dem fu**ry yah
Watch dem gyal deh
Yuh si dem
Watch deh yuh si dem
Yuh si dem

Di bass a bump fast but yuh a wine slow like a pro
How what a flow what a flow
Likkle dress a ride up yuh know what a show
Send off di whole a mi doe
An yuh an yo friend dem unu bad from
Bad from yo likkle an a grow
To rathid look yah
Yo meck c**k a crow
Take time no yuh just a wine an a gway so
Yuh just a jiggle an a gwan so
Take time no yuh just a wine an a gway so
A wa do yo

Hey gyal yuh a go mad mi
Hew a wa do yo
Stop tell mi fi damage yo
Gyal yuh a go mad mi
Hew a wa do yo
Who tell yuh seh mi cyan manage yuh
Yow yuh a go mad mi
Mi seh stop mine yo slip out mi back

Oh yo come fi mad mi
Bet seh yuh no chat when mi train fi yo an come back

MI jump in a mi car link mi grandpa
Down a west hi always know what’s best
Back in a di days a di sour sap strengthen up our back
No gyal couldn’t come test
Him give mi some noney mix wid sour sap
An a pound a di high grade sest
Then him seh gwan no do wa mi tell yuh
An when yo si are tell are seh I send yo
Mi did drive go country mi run come back up
Reach a town all a di shop dem lock up
Tiger mart mi haffi get strap up wid a magnum tonic
Fi di extra top up
Meck mi call are shi si mi number an a pop up
Yow mi soon come wake up hang up
Drive way grill door get knock up
When shi come out mi seh what up

You a go mad mi hew
A wa do yo who this
A no yuh
Way uh a go mad mi
Hew a wa mi do
Take time wid mi no do
Yuh a go mad mi hew
Mi seh stop
Mine yo mash out mi back
So yo come fi mad mi
Lord mi shouldn’t chat
See it deh now a di hulk come back


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