Konshens – A So Mi Tan Lyrics


Who me
No bother trouble mi
Don’t trouble mi yuh hear
Hey da saker

{Verse 1}

Well from mi likkle bit a being a hustler
Old scraper
Old paper chaser
Left chatting fi later
No time waster
Mi know how fi rise to di top like a vapor

No bwoy never touch mi fi money
Mi never yet ben
No follow people mi ever set trend
Yo si di sexy body gyal dem
Wi never left dem
If yuh no like mi mi no like yuh
Mi no beg friend


A so mi tan
A so mi tan
A so mi tan
Do mi own a thing an mi no follow back a man
A true mi Chad my own apart
That’s why mi busty no bumboclooth

Alright then a so mi stay
A so mi stay
A so mi stay
Run up any bill an mi no itch when mi fi pay
A true mi Chad my own a road
That’s why di gyal dem a over load

{Verse 2}

Alright if yuh no know mi wa meck yuh have so much things fi seh
But weh mi deh a never yuh put mi deh
Dem a pray fi hear seh police lick mi weh
Wi a go fi tomorrow dem a live yesterday
Yeh an wi no hype pon people neither
From mi born mi know mi self as a born leader
Wi a bun up di road so tell none believer
Check di star check di gleaner
Check di media

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Well anything weh no fi go to mouth
No go to mi mouth
An anything mi cyan afford mi just do with out
Money man reasoning no in a mi thing
Mi just a tear di road an a do mi thing
Mi dark straight an plane mi no go round corner
Mi a hunt di money fi mi likkle daughter
Every dollar inna mi pocket mi work an have it
Every hustler understand it
When mi seh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

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  1. i will like for tommy lee too performe live at belize