Konshens – Deh Gal Deh Lyrics


There she is there she goes
Simple clothe simple pose
All alone in her zone
She didn’t want to stay at home
Selector a beat are a lie
To how di music a sweet are a lie
Oh god wa dem go do
Oh no meck alcohol reach are
A lie

{Verse 1}

Seet deh now liquor buss in are head an shi run out
Di freak wa inside a are come out
Shi get mad when di DJ seh wine caw yo know yuh no dun out
Now shi a wine paw man go pon are head
Dash out dip pu**y like chicken or egg
Long out di tongue like shi waan give a head
6:30 drop dead


Watch yah den a dem gyal deh mi love
A dem gyal deh mi love
Cyan take di guddy guddy gyal dem
Bad gyal get all a mi love
Skin out wine an show mi
Skin out wide an show mi
Skin out yo know seh yo pu**y good
Yo can more than hold mi

{Verse 2}

C**k up yo foot pon a wall expose under neat yo
Like seh yo ready fi a stiff c**ky reach yo
Beat it up like a lesson mi a teach yo
Fu*k fi yo pu**y bad man naw go eat yo
Turn roun fi mi gi yo front way
Buss it up in a yo belly yo think a gun blaze
Yo seh yo head hot when gone pony o head top
Yo friend dem seh mi cyan believe a mi friend that

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Video light turn on yuh no haffi hide back a mi
Show yo face show yo body
Yuh a big bomboclooth woman
Meck it buss mi no owed no body
Dem gyal deh no hotter than yuh
Shi no cyan do nothing way uh cyan do
Bout shi run gone up in a di middle
Inn deh yo gone to

{Repeat Chorus}