Jah Vinci – Drop A Night Lyrics


Drivile dust production yea
Who hoooooooooo out clif
Yeh man
Anytime wi a go through dem phase yah a just straight meditation

Yea mi no know why di pagans dem have mi up
Dem a walk wid knife a plan fi stab mi up
Bad mine heart dem dam corrupt
Jah by mi side so mi naw give up


Cause wa no drop a night it haffi drop a day
Waan two house a Mobay one down Anato Bay
Cause mi fi live mi life like how some rapper stay
Ghetto youth win aw stray wi no have no funny way
Cause dem same one wa tell w idem rate wi
Well waan si wi fall
An anyweh mi go mi a walk wid mi bible
Pon jah name mi a call
Dem think wi done but wi just a come
Bad mine waan si wi blood a run
Mama pot haffi put on although the gas a done
Tell dem dem cyan fight out jah jah son

{Verse 1}

A who mi hear seh sell out dem friend just fi five grand
Too much faith den out a jah yo fi rely pon
MI get di house mi buy di fridge mi buy di divan
All of a sudden a me dem have dem eye pon

Jah never seh di road is gonna be easy
Try no throw stone in a glass
An do no burn yo bridge when yo crass
Tell yo yeaaaa es jah never seh di road is gonna be easy
Meck mi tell you this from mi heart dem same one wi meck yo laugh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

So watch di corner wa dem a lurks a dem a wait pon
Dem a wicked heart mi seet seh dem a satan
A true yo make a one trip seh yuh a go stay long
Dem have yo name seh yo lock up down a station
But wait till yo come back a yard
Dem itch up like tics back a dog
Any money way o meck dem wi help yo spend it off
An den dem send yuh a di morgue
Cause dem no memba when yo shop out fi dem
An di house way o stock out fi dem
Mi find out a lizard tail dem a chop out fi blem
Mi a beg yo watch out fi dem

{Repeat Chorus}