I-Octane – Prefer Death Lyrics

{Verse 1}

Yow Dj my clothe no bwoy never try rip off
Mi no tell people fi buy mi Clarks
Mi no love man is not a idle talk
Garrison drm love mi fi mi crazy talk

So whe dem a chat seh mi bad mi no mine
Mi no beg things mi no bwoy cyan mine
Mi no act stush gyal a come fi di wine
Like Bob Marley man to man mi no join


Mi prefer dead yea
Mi prefer dead yea
Mi prefer dead
No bwoy cyan pull naw spread mi bed

Yea mi prefer dead DJ
Mi prefer dead yea
Until mi dead tell dem a woman till mi dead

{Verse 2}

Dj in a di road take a blanka come buss fid a one yah
Only gyal gangster touch wid da hand yah
Watch how di gyal dem a curse fid a man yah
Shi have are man but shi cut wid da man yah
Because mi grimly mi grimly mi grimly
Mi done tell yo seh no bwoy naw mine mi
Yeh woman mi love mi naw hide hi
Certain things wi no join hi

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

DJ all when mi hungry in a dutty clothe
An some bwoy rich an a buss di globe
Dem still cyan warm mi up
All when mi cold like a puppy nose
Mi a tell yo this butter an bread mi wi stay dead
Because mi no fragile wi no feeble
No bwoy naw treat mi like lady
Dem cyan do nothing fi tame mi

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

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