Black Ryno – Nah Fraid A People Lyrics


Mi hear some bwoy a talk
Meck dem gwaan talk
Caw wi no fraid a people no sah
No wi no fraid a no bwoy at all
This one bag a lip service
Meck dem gwaan talk
Caw wi no fraid a people no sah


Yeah when di dog a rush
Yo ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Plus plus have bwoy haffi fraid a us
The last bwoy violate that crush like a country bus

{Verse 1}

Plus plus when some bwoy a talk though wi a walk first
Anyweh yo si si hot foot a march up
Mi no gi bwoy chance fi draw first
When mi touch di road mi no haffi mask up
Mi release di pit bull di dog buss
Meck yo momma si yo dead in a di gravel a di dust
One plus one one just
Left unconscious

{Repeat Chorus}

Verse 2}

Bwoy mi no join lipping
Mi a come fi yo food in a di kitchen
Kitchen di eagle fly down an pick him
Bwoy neck get redder than when a gyal kiss him
The bwoy think a duppy box him
An a try sprint like Gatling
Mi no join chatting a bwoy could a big thick an trapting

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}


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