Lady Saw – Mr Short Cummings Lyrics

Lyrics Lady Saw Mr Short Cummings
Lady Saw lyrics Mr Short Cummings


Every night deh bwoy yah si mi
An him a tell mi him have a big c**k fi gimmi
When mi go a him yard an seh bring hi
Di likkle fool fool bwoy couldn’t fling hi

{Verse 1}

Yow a wah that yuh a work wid mi dan
A really that yuh waan big woman wine pon
Yuh have a nerve fi bring that to Marian
Yow da c**ky deh fi dash weh in a garbage pan
Yow a have a great mind take out yo belt
An beat yuh pony o co*k till di likkle thing swell
It fold up like shrimp in a likkle conch shell
All when it stiff it look like hi dead


You mr short Cummings
Yuh know yuh naw get no knowings
Gyal when yo si him just run him
Cause di c**k not crowing

You mr short Cummings
Yuh know yuh naw get no knowings
Gyal when yo si him just run him
No teck di pu**y show him

{Verse 2}

Come yha lets open draws drop
Come look pon di pu**y yuh no si how it fat
Wah yo seh yuh waan ride it from back
A wah di bloodclooth that
Is that a likkle tea pot
Hey yuh no know seh mi wi dig off yo face
When mi come fi mi fu*k no tell mi bout wait
Yuh a feel up yo pants an a pose an a shake
This a no fu*k fess this yah must dead wait

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Yow dog after yuh tell mi fi wine to di ground
Bring it up slow all back way mi turn
All mi feel is a small likkle thumb
A rub up paw mi pu–y like a dam bubble gum
Hey bwoy yuh better come stick out yo tongue
Caw mi naw left until mi cum
Even if mi haffi reach fi mi gun
One way or another pu**y juice haffi run

{Repeat Chorus}

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