Chi Ching Ching – Im A Superstar Lyrics

Lyrics Chi Ching Ching Im A Superstar
Chi Ching Ching lyrics Im A Superstar


Yeh DJ Karim
A cant believe this is ching
Chi ching ching
Am such a superstar right now
Every where we walk
Everywhere we go
People being calling
An saying that they respect what I’ve being doing in the music
So I get a chance an am o use it
Am di star


Girl being screaming ma name everywhere that di ching go
Is it all in the fame
Or it’s all in di gingles
Through di sun an di rain
Now am blowing ma windows
There is no time to hate
Hey a just so di thing go

{Verse 1}

Everywhere mi go people waan di mi
Everywhere mi walk girls dem waan gi mi
Every party mi go in a
Mi no haffi slang
Mi no haffi song
But people waan tang yo zimi
People start ask a wa do mi
Meck when certain artist si mi dem start act bummi
True mi true to di game
MI create all mi fame
Mi stay in a mi lane an mi bad to di vane

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Yow mi a come from nothing to something
Mi turn nothing in a something
So thanks fi nothing
Mi never have a chance fi mutton
Mi could a only glance di mutton
Now every stage show mi go mi shell di something
Re Tv I Tv A tell di something
Am so hot is like a deadly something
Mi alone a no medley something

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Dj Karim
Chi Ching Ching inna a different ching
Mi always a win
Bad mine deh right between 7 and 9
Right Richie bank
IF dem cyan count dem know dem deh a 8
That’s all yo do a 8

{Repeat Chorus}

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