Tommy Lee – Too Late Lyrics

Tommy Lee lyrics Too Late
Lyrics Tommy Lee Too Late



{Verse 1}

Sitting alone on a Saturday night
Chilling by ma fire side
Life so hard everyday of my life
Too much pain in my life


It’s too late for the other side
It’s too late mama dry your eyes
Too late for the other side
The other side

{Verse 2}

Life hard an mi just cyaan bother
Yes still I afto climb up that ladder
Gadda prevent my self from get shot at
Time have yuh out like weed an grabba
From mi a nine mi protect my self
From dem time deh mi loose my dada
An I never disrespect my mother
Never leave mi bible nor left my godda
Some call mi a devil worshiper
Yes that gi mi more fame an power
Some seh mi doom an burn up in a hell
Some sell mi soul when there is no soul fi sel

Now my girl caught me cheating
Caught up in a fight
Say she frustrated cut her risk with a knife
The girl let her love she walk out of my life
Seh mi cause too much pain in her life

{Repeat Chorus}


Yeh…..yeh the road is good ghetto always follow mi
Every day……every other day
Jah jah always follow mi
Jah jah watch over mi when mi sleep
Anytime mi cyaan wake mi hope yuh get mi soul fi keep
Amazing now am rising
A want the lord to know
Ma posit presented
I just don’t let it show
Yeh yeh yeaaaa
Yeh yeh yeaaaa
Yeh yeh yeaaaa