Tommy Lee – Step Middle Day Lyrics

Tommy Lee lyrics Step Middle Day
Lyrics Tommy Lee Step Middle Day


Gaza kill everybody dead
Shoot all the puss an the dog
Kill bloodcloth everybody over the yard
Suck him mother

Gaza gear up
Sparter gear up
A wa do them
A wa do them

Step middle day wid mi K in a the sun
Out a yo head back mi meck river run
Pray from mi heart over mi knife an mi gun
Pray god meck bwoy foot weak dem doom
Mi heart a disease an mi mind a the slum
Buss head till the nozzle long down
Mi sign vital like mi gun
Wa buss bwoy head send dem home
Aim wid mi demonic carbon 15
Kill dem meck wi burn dem
You try run yo go only meck the dog dem get mean

From wa day some bwoy a penny we
They must go
I promise you all a cemetery
The quiet gun
The eagle
The crow
Fly down john crow
Wi evil man wi murder yo family
Some bwoy dem a wanna bee
Bwoy dem run up in a the pyramid
Gun shot buss tear out eye balls with lickle kids
Wi no care who you a role with
Nor who you a spar wid
Kunta air wid AR shot fly straight in a forehead