Munga – Shooting Star Lyrics

Munga lyrics Shooting Star
Lyrics Munga Shooting Star


Hey Rushawn
Give you thugs swarm like mosquito
Bring to grains like praprica


Hill top wi bad from wi born but wi cool wid it
Dem no waan wi get dark like when moon eclipse
A no MC hammer but mi true legit
A from mi lickle bit wi a go a school wid it

Caw man a shooting star
Tell you man a shooting star
Mi an my tool thing spar
Dem a look trouble while man a pree house an car
Tell you man a shooting star

{Verse 1}

Man serious like judge jusey pon court day
Cross like a fore way
Mi no follow back a bwoy mi do my own thing my own way
Mi no take talk don’t play
Mi no flex close don’t stray
Hard fu–ing icy like Alaska pon a cold day
So mi mi mi get stammer now ok
Send fi one a mi old car
Rise up to how mi ok
Circle pon dem henz a bleach pon dem bout four day
Mi catch dem pon di fourth day
Pon hi four way
Fi the four day

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Get out meck rifle shot enter bwoy body
Then exit
The magnum barrel a spin just like 20 pon hi exist
Wi no take talk wi no take dis
Any bwoy dis get this
Min friend dem have some fu**ing gun yuh never know dem exist
Cuovle up mi 74 dem like a Tetris
Gun party a hill top deh pon di guest list
Bullets find the killa from town dem wid the metric
Mi lyrics dem a shock just like electric

{Repeat Chorus}

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