Konshens – Ready Fi Dem Lyrics

Konshens lyrics Ready Fi Dem
Lyrics Konshens Ready Fi Dem


No gyal no badder than you
War a war
Baby you no fraid a no gyal
Could a ten a dem an a you one
God give you two foot an two hand


You meck a gyal know seh you ready f idem
Any gyal wa feel are strength
An feel too confident

Tell a gyal come you too ready fi dem
Tell dem seh bring dem hype an dem fleer
You no care you prepare

My girl you ready fi dem
If a rumble in a the Bronx
If a rumble in a Kingston
Tell a gyal come you ready fi dem
Any gyal a run down hype an know only fi shine

{Verse 1}

Like cloud in a the sky or like a light post a so you high tall
Yo clothe stay like lan phone to cell phone call
Some gyal have up you name like picture pon dem wall
Cause a suit case you spar wid when you go to the mall
Yah watch yah mi gyal dem seh dem too hot
But you too hotter mi gyal
Swear seh dem fat
But you too fatter mi gyal
A build up all the stock
You kick dem like Zidan
A nuff a try mi gyal

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Dem gyal dem do anything fi get notice
Touch the whole a Calabar Georges an every man down a fortis
Dem never really get no brought up
Dem si the hype an si the fleer an in a the mids dem getting caught up
An dem no love fi si yo prado nor yo fendi
Words wa you a chat dem cannot spell or comprehend
If a gyal believe shi is a wordy adversary
Tell a gyal fi touch you ber berry
Gyal you ready ready

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}