Konshens – Don’t Diss Mama Lyrics

Lyrics Konshens Don’t Diss Mama
Konshens lyrics Don’t Diss Mama


Never diss mama
Hear that
Hear I am
Um yea mmmmmm
No trouble are
No trouble are
Don’t diss my mother


You can beat mi up
Curse mi off
Diss mi up broke mi heart
Byt don’t diss mama
Don’t trouble mama
Cause I owed my life to her
I would a give my life fi her
So no other love no bether than mama love
Mama tears no fi fall again
Wipe away every drop a eye water
Get rid a all a dem
A mama beg mi fi lef dirty life
So mi no in a the war again
Mi never itch when shi call
An mi naw hesitate if shi call again
Oh mi love are yeh

{Verse 1}

Alright this lady nurture mi from mi was a lickle baby
Never forget mi shi never for sake mi
Mount a things wa mi do fi mi tun my back paw mi mother
No money couldn’t pay mi
Mi naw diss are up like slim shady
Am gonna treat are like the queen that a know she is
So the more a lot a story is

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Yow well any bwoy wa no love dem mother
Cyaan bi mi bredrin mi friend no brother
An any girl wa no amore my madre
Mi go stay trust another one a dem gyal deh
God know nuff time mommy get mi cross
Cause my mother hard fi deal with
But a same way 9 months a baby pain
Hard fi deal with so

{Repeat Chorus}