Jah vinci Ft.Scantana – Lets Rock Lyrics

Jah vinci ft.Scantana lyrics Lets Rock
Lyrics Jah vinci ft.Scantana Lets Rock

{Verse 1 – Jah Vinci}

I can take you places that you never being
Show you all the things that you never seen
Bet you never feel a love so real
Baby come over come on an lets go

{Chorus – Jah Vinci}

Baby only if i treat you right
You will be here to love for life
Baby only if i a treat you right
You wouldn’t be here in my arms tonight

Girl lets rock lets rock you tears away
Girl lets rock lets rock for those lonely days
Girl lets rock lets rock you tears away
Girl lets rock let me rock you in my arms

{Verse 2 – Jah Vinci}

Weak you up slam the door paw you
Long love mi a throw paw you
Gyal you happy an hi show paw you
The love just a glow paw you
Baby back it up gyal wine up so
Wine pon yo new man no
The 21 carrot show seh money a show paw you
Mi wonder how that fit yo hand so
Gyal I’ll love you up until the love a tangle
Touch you meck yo bady feel good
Hear mi mi naw let the supn good like good
Dem a go vex seh a me an you a role

{Repeat Chorus – Jah Vinci}

{Verse 3 – Santana}

Scantana face shave in the brain
I adore my amore she got game
She all that handsome
Type to make a ugly ni–a look handsome
Am thinking she could give my mama a grandson
An after the alter we can go having a daughter
She do what she wann
When she wann
How she wanna
Since she wanna get it on with me am on her
And she remind me of a premadana diamond deva
An I never leave her like the autumn season naw
She hot like
An she rock like
An she pot life
Oh my god

{Repeat Chorus – Jah Vinci}