Charley blacks – Herbalist Holiday Lyrics

Charley blacks lyrics Herbalist Holiday
Lyrics Charley blacks Herbalist Holiday


A herbs wi seh
Yuh def or wa
UIM records
Herbalist show mi the fire them
Show mi the fire
The fa fa fa fa fire dem
Herbs wi promoting the country bwoy naw support no coke thing

{Verse 1}

Higrade deh yah nuff nuff till hi cyaan done
No show mi no coke mi no wanr none
Cause by any means bring the greens pon the scene
From Westmorland back to Kingston
Switzerland straight to Belgium
A straight high grade dem send come
Herbs a my choice mi no care bout the price
DJ wayne just link mi fi some


Mi no response wa no body waan seh
Today is a herbalist holiday
AM smoking free an proud
Mister officer please make the sound play

Cause today is a herbalist holiday
Am smoking free an proud

{Verse 2}

MI eyes dem just change colour like car wa just dueco
Mi body deh a earth an mi brain deh a Pluto
High grade herbs a something wa mi usto
No show mi no cigarette gwaan yo lickle broot you
You a fight gainst the herbs cuh pon you to
I will never take coke an turn buto
Mi brain loud today hi no deh pon muto
Officer mi herbs naw cause no dispute

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

No money naw run so mi know mi naw stress out mi self
Andrew blacks mi naw stress out mi self
Herbs deh yah
Liquor deh yah
Gyal deh yah
Life deh yah that’s why mi naw stress out mi self
Every body just glad fid a day yah
It’s a herbalist holiday
Right around the world no body nad do no work today

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}