Bugle – Not Because Lyrics

Bugle lyrics Not Because
Lyrics Bugle Not Because


Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover
Don’t judge a cat by it’s jousey
Don’t judge the way how mi look


Not because you see me with a smile
That no mean seh mi happy all the while
No no no no not because you see mi smile
That no mean seh mi heart naw hurt
Not because you no see no tears
That no mean seh mi sarrow disappear
Not because you see mi looking happy
Is a facial expression so adapt hi

{Verse 1}

If you know what a going through
You wouldn’t think the things that you thinking no no
An if you know what a gone through before
You would a realize a some serious something
You no know bout mi troubles an trials or maybe you know
But you just a live in a denial
You no know bout mi sleepless nights
Mi fight wa mi fight dem gimmi wrong all when mi right

You no know bout white squall you never hungry before
Right now you just making me angry some more
Mi no know bout shame but mi know bout pain
Cause a nuff night mi sleep in a the rain

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Not because you see mi drive a car
Check mi needle mo gas
Mi front end gone bad
Mi tires dem wear dem naw hold no air
Mi cyaan buy a pear all mi seat dem dear
No because you see mi trim an look neat
Mi brother is a barber so mi no pay fi dweet
Don’t watch mi shoes paw mi feet a no me pay fi it
Hard life a bite mi like tix

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Hey wi life serious
Dem waan play wi like game that a dem aim
Bugle a represent the thing

{Repeat Chorus}