Bounty Killer & Iyara – Dat Mi Seh Lyrics

Bounty Killer and Iyara lyrics Dat Mi Seh
Lyrics Bounty Killer and Iyara Dat Mi Seh


Ra ta ta tah
Dang dang
A ke leh leh leh leh lem
Yow general
War lord an Iyara
Some bwoy a talk up hi no
Mouth a mightist
But Marcus tell dem lock the pit under dem doors
Shut up

{Verse 1}

Iyara fi take diss from people a no wi that
Wi dog dem no piss pon vehicle unu si that
Any bwoy try stop wi fun den
Quick wi a done dem
Light up a scliff an go relax
Naw take no taxi r pay from no man
Bounty Killer thing well govern
Hungy mi cross an mi stubborn
Born as a thug an
Have wa fi spit like a dragon


Dem bwoy deh nose a tell dem seh dem bad
So dem fi go weh
Caw Bounty Killer nor Iyara Fyara no know dem from no weh
A who dem again man
Dem cyaan diss wi no time at all
Dem bwoy deh cyaan diss wi no day
No time
Cyaan strike a Kingston
Cyaan diss a mobay
That mi seh

{Verse 2}

Fyara mi no care how much gun in a the place
No bwoy no bad so fi put the gun in a wi face
Tell a man seh this no license like the car wid the plate
So if dem violate it naw stick like no tape
It a slam like the opener an swing back the gate
Minces mi sen like the beef no the stake
Meck dem drop a sleep on no wake
Meck dem pick 3 like cash pot an don’t spot the rake
Supn buss like the birthday bwoy cut the cake
Sing fi hate caw the fish pick the bate
My world you sneak under grass like snake
So no bring war to Killer if you naw generate

A wonder who send out the daemon fi god sake
Mi no know
A now mi a go 9 dem mi naw g idem 8
Get dem out early no wait till it late
An feed dem to the alligator dem in a the lake

{Repeat Chorus}