T’Nez – Gangsta Tears Lyrics

Lyrics T’Nez Gangsta Tears
T’Nez lyrics Gangsta Tears


Spider dem no knoe the half
If only more time dem could look in a me thoughts yea
More tome mi crying an dem feel seh mi a laugh
Mi know a why dem feel deh mi a laugh


A true mi cry gangsta tears
Meck dem no see no eye water yea
Gangster tears
Meck dem no see no eye water

Man a cry gangsta tears
So dem naw go see no eye water
Gangster tears
Even though mi eyes no shed no water

{Verse 1}

A true dem naw see mi walk wid mi hand a mi face
Nor walk wid mi hand paw mi head
The mount a tears mi cry mi could a cry full a lake
Many nights when mi go a mi bed
Mi seh hahaha
Dem no know the half
Not even know the quarter
Inside mi weeping
Outside dem see laughter
Am the only man was eh mi struggles a the master yea

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Nuff time is like mi lying in a the emergency room
A nuff people feel man a party
An a nuff time mi feel mi deh pon life machine
Even though mi look strong an haughty
Sometimes mi face things wa mi feel the only way out a fi dead
An caw take it no more waan pull mi hair out a mi head
People might no see what mi go through
Wa dem said
Jah naw give more that mi can bear

{Repeat Chorus}