Sincere Ft. Popcaan – Love We Bad Lyrics

Official lyrics for rapper Sincere and dancehall artist Popcaan song “Love We Bad.”

Intro: (Sincere)
Girls all over the world
so many girls that we got girls on girl.

Verse One (Popcaan):
Some bwoy a chat up dem mouth
And a run dem beak,
And cyan get dem girlfriend wet.
Furthermore dem a sey dem a di biggest gyallist
And nevah get a threesome yet.
Real badman like me get pum pum fi free
Nevah haffi buy dat yet.
Good ting mi cyaan go America nor England
Cause Ruthann woulda start fret,
Cause she know mi bad, bad, bad…

Chorus (Popcaan):
Mi get any girl me waan
Gal a fly in from any place weh mi cyaan go.
Nuh gal nevah tell me sey she nah gimme di p—y,
Dat she nah do.
Di girls dem love we bad,
Di girls dem love we bad, yeah.
She nuh care if mi ugly bad,
She still love off di plait.

Verse Two (Sincere):
Di girls gone wild gone wild when they see me dawg,
I be like yow my girl simmer down,
Mek it jump, mek it pump den spin it round.
Its Y E, yuh chilling wid King Lizard now.
You know me bring a country girl uptown,
my money’s up so you know what’s going down.
Bottles all around order another round,
the girls love we bad and follow man Around.
If her pum pum tun up tun up like wow
then most nights I might have her in my house.
If it ain’t Lizzy we nah run gal down,
yacht master to my wrist on loud,
real talk dawg what’s a dollor to a pound?
They hear my accent and all the girls come around,
girls from Toronto to New York now,
Ghana to Nigeria they hot like fire.

Chorus (Popcaan)

Verse 3 (Sincere)
All the girls wanna give me the nyanni,
all The D boys wanna jump on are team
Y E dawgie did it with the Charlie Sheen,
Margiela everything clean
like Popcaan when I roll through the street
she don’t want a regular ni–er she only want Arrr
Suttin tight yeah, Suttin clean,
then she can roll and be on the team.
I be running the game like Usian B,
the girls ain’t far behind me like Blake B,
Love in the bed in shower all crazy,
love all night like we tryna make babies,
I got her gassed up tell her friends she rates me.
but them bi–hs are crazy cause now they wanna date me,
so I am loving her friend on the low do you blame me?

Chorus (Popcaan)

Verse 4 (Popcaan):
Di amount of gal weh mi have,
Mi nuh know who fi call.
Which gal fi love, mi nuh know who fi ask.
Catty fraid fi approach sey mi look kinda small,
She still end up gimme di p—y after all.
Mi nuh matta dat when nature call,
Have di touch fi she get wet like rain a fall,
Regular mi get church sista
When mi go fi prayer and alter call,

Chorus (Popcaan)