Lyrics: Chris Martin – Cheaters Prayer

Chris Martin Prayer lyrics
Chris Martin lyrics Prayer

See Martin yah, woaai
Lawd a mercy
Woaai(wooaah), hey hey yo
It’s not the first nor the last
So so much pretty girl a pass and
Holding out is such a task
That’s why me a seh this from mi heart

Oh Lord, don’t let me cheat on my girlfriend
Cause as far as I can see
She loves only me.
Oh Lord, don’t let me cheat on my girlfriend
But Lord if you can’t stop me from cheating
Just don’t let me get caught
No, no, no, don’t let me get caught
Nooo, don’t let me get caught (no no noo)
Said I hope I don’t get caught

{Verse 1}
So listen to me now, it’s such a sticky situation(yeah)
Me promise my girl fi only look inna her direction
But everywhere me turn me see a next one(gosh)
And me body it too weak and a bawl fi attention
I only wanna give the girls what they want,
My lady says I’m wrong but she
Would understand
I don’t wanna lie but I don’t want to cry
Yo I’m so very weak inside.

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Yo, a nuh like me nuh try,
I love my baby, but the girls them still deh pan me mind(woy)
It’s unfair I can’t deny,
cause I couldn’t dare to think about my lady and
Another guy (yuh mad)
And yo it hard, yo it hard, yo it hard
to have one girl, it kinda rough fi play the part
She woulda lef me if she knew what’s in my thoughts
I hope I dont eva pay that cost.
{Repeat Chorus}

Verse 3:
So listen to me now, she seh bun she never mek fi it
Fi get and can’t give a straight craziness
Suh when me sidung and me meddy it(what)
Just can’t mek she know seh she getting
It (yuh mad) (no)
One girl to a man, so we setting it
But fi we have one girl we keep forgetting it
Never get caught yet, we think we making it
I hope we don’t end up regretting it

{Repeat Chorus}