Gappy Ranks Ft. Busy Signal – Money Finger Lyrics

Gappy Ranks featuring Busy Signal lyrics Money Finger
Lyrics Gappy Ranks featuring Busy Signal Money Finger

{Busy Signal}

{Verse 1}

Money man a meck so mi know dem a pree mi
Caw man a meck money
Caw man a meck money
Money know dem a pree mi

Time fi meck di paper di paper
Hustlers a meck di paper
Di paper wi a meck di paper

{Gappy Ranks}

Europian money
My noney purple a so mi turable
Have a lot a one sex to a lot a circle
A mi us money green like a lot a turtle
An di England pink money still a burgle
Mi have a big dutty sister cut in a jah neiba
In a Bermuda tax free money saver
An wi memba mi a big spenda
Have money from December to December

{Busy Signal}


Some bwoy seh dem rich an a count money wid finger
Big finger caw count wid no finger
It pile up like di crate by di rate
Pound by di pounds an money from curate

Bout rich an still a count money wid finger
Hot coffee no count money wid finger
Mi no have no time fi linger
Meck di money fast no meck it blow weh like no breeze through no window

{Gappy Ranks}

{Verse 2}

Busy pass di phone
Call up di accounting quickly swiftly
Money mi a talk bout strictly pickiny
Afto get feeding an clothing yuh with mi
Take care a mommy caw shi love mi yuh get mi
Whole heap a gal a lalalalala
Meck bay gal follow lalalalala
If yo look in a mi wallet an mi wallet
An mi wallet have a lot a high bad international money get wire

{Busy Signal}

Wa dem know bout Scottish turn in to di hundread note
Big figures man a court
Transfer in a mi half show account
Think about when di thing a deposit
No wehen di thing a go back out
Real hustlers always have one basic rules
Meck money more than pickny in a basic school
Win aw lef it hustlers dem have a basic tool
Go fi di money out deh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

{Gappy Ranks}

Yow busy wall street know mi as mr naza
From di place a start stock mi have it in a bag pack
Recession never see mi caw mi never hold back
Big stock newly pon di 25 block
Wonder have di key tea money pile up
Busy get eight tray duffy rise up
Hot head money dem have in a di brinks truck
MI no sell juls but mi name change up

{Busy Signal Repeat Verse 1 fi meck di paper}

{Repeat Chorus}

{Gappy Ranks Repeat Line In Verse 1 – My Money Purple}


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