Bugle – Don’t Give Up Lyrics

Lyrics Bugle Don’t Give Up
Bugle lyrics Don’t Give Up


Yeh di journey go on
Life go on
Di struggles goes on an on.. an on
Shi waan ba sidun Jah-vie
Di struggles goes on

{Verse 1}

Not everyday I feel like I best
Sometimes mi affi pray fi Sotrialoriphis
Feel mi would a give up all mi girl mi would a lef
A try fi find a way but mi a take it step by step
Yea mama tell mi jah know shi did warn mi
More time di devil lick him bring a friend or a army
So please watch yo back an watch yo every step
When di preasures of life a meck yuh fret


Just don’t give up
Yea although the struggles hard
All when yo play di game an come first without reward
All when yuh loose di cash pot draw an all yo friends forsake an gone
Just hold on to yo faith incline

Just don’t give up yea that battle is not lost
Wi a fight di fight a victory light a rebel with a cross
Run di enemy chant a psalms
Like a soldiers wid command
Hold on to yo faith on time
Hale high just a state a mind

{Verse 2}

Yea an there are days when my life is just a mess
No scool fees for di kids an all mi wife a seh shi stress
Please father god mia beg yuh bring mi through di mess
Mi deh paw mi knees a pray
Mi a beg a brighter day

Yea an there are days when I wanna fly away
To stay for a while an come back another day
Am like a bird wid broken wings
A car wid out no rims
Water in a mi eyes but mi a sing seh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Yeh then there are days when a lickle will find it
Jah –vie di lickle hypocrite friends bad mine it
Father god mi a look to yuh
Mi problems look dem trough
Mi journey goes on hi no
Go on an on
Mi journey go on
Mi journey go on
Mi journey go on an on

{Repeat Chorus}